How am I Different?

15 years of experience

I have worked in the executive education industry for the majority of my career. I have held a variety of roles in the two of the premiere executive development providers in the world - Duke Corporate Education and UNC Executive Development. My exclusive focus has been in customized executive development programs and talent development initiatives.

Extensive educator network

In several of my roles, I was exclusively responsible for identifying, vetting and sourcing educators in executive education programs. The educators in my existing network come from a variety of backgrounds, and include academics, practitioners, consultants, and experiential providers. They cover a range of content, from strategy and finance to leadership skills and behaviors. And finally, they are located across the country, potentially saving you T&E.

Extremely cost-effective

Large executive education providers must add a significant margin on top of the educator fee in order to cover their overhead costs. I charge only an hourly fee for the sourcing and prepping activities, and a small flat  fee once the educator is in place. My fees are completely transparent to you, and sourcing through me versus a large organization will save you over 50% in overall costs.

I understand your challenges

I am experienced in listening to clients' pain points and translating them into program objectives and communicating these to the appropriate educator(s). I know that your primary goal is to deliver a program that pushes participants to add value to the organization - whether through new skills, perspectives, or awareness.

Experience in building networks

While I am already connected to an extremely strong network of very capable educators, I am always looking to find relevant new talents, perspectives, content areas, and styles. I am continually building my network, and will further broaden available capabilities as new client needs arise.

Exclusive focus

This is all I do - and I assume it's only one small piece of your complex role. I will dedicate the time and attention you require to create a successful program and affect real change in your organization.