What I can offer you.

You have been asked to design and deliver a customized 1-day program for a selected group of individuals in your company. You have limited time and an even more limited budget. Now what?

I will work with you to understand the participant needs and define the program objectives. I will then draw from my extensive educator network to find the person/people who are best suited to design and deliver this program for you. And all of this at a fraction of the cost of what you would pay a large executive education provider to source the same program.

As part of my process, I will:

  • Spend time asking you questions to learn more about your company, your needs, the participant set, and any identified program objectives.
  • Conduct a search of my current educator network to determine any matches based on content, experience, background, and fit with company culture. If I cannot find a match, I will conduct an extensive search outside of my network.
  • Contact and vet potential matches in the context of the company needs and program objectives.
  • Provide the company with several potential options and my recommendations. If the company would like to personally vet the options, I will arrange and join those calls/meetings.
  • Assist in prepping the educator for the program or initiative, including setting up calls with stakeholders, collecting relevant company materials, and reviewing educator program materials pre-program.
  • Conduct post-program debrief with the company and educator.

Example content areas include: Strategy, Finance, Influence, Decision Making, Negotiations, Marketing, Operations, Teams, Resilience, Culture. 

As I am always expanding my network, the options are effectively limitless.